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Developing your own business is an extremely delicate process that is conditioned by numerous challenges. While our focus is on market conditions, a team of specialists takes care of all administrative regulations, making a significant commitment to business security. Even a minimal mistake could cause a lot of financial damage to the company, which is why accounting consulting is a key element of entrepreneurial activity. In the conditions of constantly changing legal regulations, accounting consultations are the service that allows us to be promptly informed about new or modified requirements and regulations.


Are accounting consultations useful?

Accounting consulting is one of the many services provided by accounting offices, which can be used both independently and in a package with a set of services for the company's accounting needs. If we have agreed on partnership relations with a specific accounting office, accounting consultations are in most cases a bonus to the other services for which we pay a commission. This is an ideal option not only because of the possibility of free accounting consultations but also because the team that is involved in the business processes of our company would have the clearest view of the various administrative situations.

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Accounting consultations - learn more!

Even if we have provided a staff accountant in the company itself, we can always ensure the orderliness of our business by conducting regular accounting consultations. Legislation is an extremely dynamic framework that often surprises us with minimal changes, which, however, create around them more serious problems when submitting monthly statements, declarations and forms. By providing regular accounting consultations between our accounting department and an external accounting firm, we guarantee security and peace of mind. In addition to being a preventative measure against financial damage, accounting consultations are highly recommended in emergency situations that necessitate the need for additional specialized support. The framework of accounting consultations also includes representation before the relevant tax authorities, as well as providing support in the implementation of more serious administrative procedures.

Individual accounting firms provide accounting consultations in a variety of areas, depending on their areas of specialization in the work process. First of all, it is important to compare whether the accounting firm we choose works in the markets in which we operate. This is essential in the knowledge and interpretation of legislation in individual countries and economic organizations, guaranteeing correctness with regard to accounting consultations in relation to the requirements of the relevant institutions.


Accounting consultations from BulAdvice

As one of the market leaders in the field of accounting services, business administration, legal regulations, and marketing optimization, BulAdvice also offers a prosperous portfolio of accounting consultations. With its many years of experience both locally and at the European level, BulAdvice provides accounting consultancy in the interpretation and compliance of Bulgarian legislation and applicable international agreements and directives. Thanks to the development of the virtual world, there are no limits to accounting consultations. Regardless of whether you are developing your business in the local market or are located within the European Union, BulAdvice is at your disposal for any inquiries you may have. To our future partners, we offer accounting consultations in the following areas:

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Accounting consultations - learn more!

  • Accounting consultations on tax-efficient solutions for specific business cases in the field of accounting and tax legislation
  • Accounting advice related to VAT, corporate and personal taxation, withholding tax, and all other direct and indirect taxes
  • Accounting advice related to local taxes and fees
  • Accounting consultations related to the implementation of agreements to avoid double taxation and preparation of documentation for their implementation
  • Accounting advice related to the tax effects of business relationships, mergers and acquisitions, and other matters related to business management decisions
  • Representation before the tax authorities, including during tax audits and inspections, as well as accounting consultations and assistance in the preparation and submission of model returns and other forms of reporting required by the tax authorities

Accounting consultations - the business compass

Are accounting consultations useful?

Accounting consultations from BulAdvice


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