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Fundamental steps in starting a business

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As human beings, we tend to get too fired up about our dreams, eager to make the most of the moment. This is also the first serious mistake when starting a business. The desire for success should not shift our focus from the original business plan, prompting us to skip some fundamental steps in starting a business. That is why we should lay a solid foundation upon which to build, so we don’t lose it all as quickly as we have gained it. Below we will take a look at the three main stages that a raw business idea goes through until it becomes a perfect product.


Developing an idea when starting a business

An important point when starting a business is to set realistic results and deadlines. Starting a business is a unique process that cannot be put into a specific framework. It is unnecessary to compare ourselves not only with companies that have already established themselves on the market, but also with newcomers like us, because depending on the business niche and the resources we have, progress is an individual concept.

To ensure success in starting a business, it is important to identify both your strengths and what you enjoy doing. Before starting a business, it is necessary to get a more global view of our ideas based on the two points that we mentioned above. How profitable a business niche have we chosen, is the competition surmountable, do our ideas for starting a business meet public demand?


Prior analysis when starting a business

Once we've built the basic idea around starting a business, it's time to do more in-depth research and analysis. First of all, we should take a closer look at the competition and the market in which we plan to operate. Let's bet on a distinctive product or service instead of relying on luck when starting a business in a niche where the market is saturated.

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When starting a business, interactive techniques can be used to introduce us directly to the audience and its desires and impressions. Any polls and interviews would be useful to get a sense of the public's opinion about our idea when starting a business, and in this way to get guidance on its development.

Another extremely popular method of strategic management is the SWOT analysis. It is a detailed collaborative study of the positive and negative impact of external and internal factors on starting a business. The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis looks at the pros, cons, opportunities, and threats when starting a business, giving us a clear framework for possible situations and the development of our business idea.

Once we familiarize ourselves with all the factors that would influence the start-up of a business, it is appropriate to structure a business plan in which to examine our idea in detail. This document would help in recruiting investors and partners who can visually follow our beliefs about starting a business.


Starting a business - legal procedures

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To proceed with the last process of starting a business, we need to take up the company registration. At this stage, the steps of our business start-up plan come into play, such as choosing a company name and brand, filing documents to obtain an identification number, licenses, permits, business insurance, and any other components of establishing a commercial company. Regarding the choice of software, we can seek the services of BulAdvice - an established accounting firm that offers both consulting services when starting a business, as well as providing the opportunity to independently solve all legal and accounting issues from the establishment of the company throughout its active period. Learn more about Sole Limited Liability Company registration

Fundamental steps in starting a business

Developing an idea when starting a business

Prior analysis when starting a business

Starting a business - legal procedures


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